Working transverse abdominal exercises into your daily life is really very easy. You can do them standing, seated at the office or waiting in the car. Almost anywhere you can think of. It’s a simple exercise called the vacuum and there’s a number of variations to mix it up.

What makes the transverse abdominal so special is that it functions as a sort of belt for your stomach. It also has a very fitting nickname, the “corset muscle”. Every time you suck in your stomach to make it look smaller, you’re using this muscle. And guess what. When you do that you’re already performing a transverse exercise, the vacuum exercise.

Largely, gets overlooked because it’s an internal muscle that’s harder, if not impossible, to see. It’s a good idea to work it whenever you can as it plays a strong role in back support for both exercise and your daily activities.

The Vacuum How-To Guide

To start this exercise stand up or sit down. Make sure that you’re using good posture. Keep your back straight.

Simply draw in, or suck in if you prefer, your bell button towards your spine and hold it for 2-3 seconds. Then release.

Repeat this 5 times. Take a break for 60 seconds. Then repeat.

Do this a few times through out the day when you think of it. It’s that easy.

Like I said, there’s a few ways to change this exercise up and they’re all just as simple.

Stretching or twisting the torso can be used to work different areas of the muscle. Just take it easy when trying this that you maintain a straight back and don’t overwork the muscle.

Instead of sucking in and holding it, try doing them in a series of 10 short and fast movements instead. It gives a good workout.

If your out in public, rather than show off your amazing stomach sucking abilities for everyone to see, you can even just clench your abs and hold it for a few seconds as another alternative.