Greenhouse heaters are heaters that are basically used to ensure consistent maintenance of the temperature levels inside a greenhouse. This is to ensure the smooth and thriving growth and development of the plants, saplings, flowers and fruits within a greenhouse. Greenhouse heaters may be available in several varieties. Some of the popular types of commercially available greenhouse heaters include compact greenhouse heaters, natural gas greenhouse heaters, and electric powered greenhouse heaters etc. One can find both fixed and portable greenhouse heaters as per one’s convenience and requirements. These heaters are usually affordable and durable. This is due to their inherent functional advantages, such as temperature compensation. Green house heaters afford heating through several means. Some of the popular means are through warm air heating for instance. This type of heating is most suitable for a regular greenhouse owner. Most importantly, it’s also the most affordable. Other types of greenhouse heaters include those that involve the running of hot water pipes. However, these, due to their very physical nature are fixed and also very costly installation wise. The most advantageous of them all, is probably an electric powered greenhouse heater. They are the cheapest to install, as electricity is the easiest to avail in today’s world and that too, at a very economical rate.

Heating sources for your greenhouses can be electric, gas or solar powered. Another type of heater for a greenhouse is a paraffin heater. Paraffin is available in the UK, you won’t need this information if you are in the US, but these heaters are a valid choice for UK residents. You may find advantages in any or all of these heaters. A good question to ask yourself before choosing, is, “How well do I know the greenhouse business?” or, “How easy is it going to be to obtain the adequate and proper fuels?” If you are a seasoned greenhouse gardener you are possibly familiar with the greenhouse heating system that is most convenient for you. Any fuel you need may be worth any extra trouble required to get it. For a greenhouse you will use bottled propane gas, in the instances which you can’t or don’t pipe your main gas line to your greenhouse, which is very thrifty to use, too. Electric heat sources, although, are the easiest to struggle with, because there is no struggle, just plug them in. Gas heaters give off CO2 in addition to water vapors. Water vapors and CO2 help plants stay healthy, so gas heaters supply a double benefit. You might be interested in dual purpose greenhouse heaters, heaters that can be used as fans when the temperatures soar. The same heater you use in the cold weather or early morning chills, is switched over with through its controls into a simple fan, to cool the greenhouse in summer months. Some names to look for when looking to buy a quality greenhouse heater are Sterling, Empire, Modine or Southern Burner. All of these brands (except Modine) have a built in thermostat and an optional external thermostat. Southern Burner does not require electric to function. Of the gas powered greenhouse heaters, a good choice are the infrared heaters. Many of the infrared heaters on the market are made to withstand the high moisture environment of a greenhouse.

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