With winter finally behind us, now is the time to consider that most wondrous occasion; the summer-wardrobe shop. Summer is the annual excuse to relax and embrace your carefree spirit and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a little more adventurous on your choice of colour.

In warmer weather, almost anything goes. So you should take advantage of this opportunity and select colours that help to express your inner beach goddess. By experimenting a little with different shades and tones, you will be able to identify the right type of garb that reflects your summer-loving mood.

However, one person’s sexy summer red-dress is another’s sun-stroke nightmare and so, in order to choose the most flattering colours to wear, it is crucial to understand which colours pronounces your skin tone, eye colour as well as hair. Are you “warm” or are you “cool”?

Those blessed with olive or golden skin or have dark brown or auburn hair are “warm”. The most flattering colours in warmer weather for “warm” people are dazzling reds and oranges and earthy variants of green and gold. Bold silhouettes and fun, bright designs help bring out the more tanned look for everyone from the tiniest waif to the more ample woman.

The “cool” people are characterised by light brown or blonde hair, grey or blue-grey eyes and fair or pale skin. And while there are some who shudder at the thought of intense heat, remember that as long as you cover yourself up with an appropriate colour scheme, you’d be able to strut along a beach in a boiler suit with confidence and style. “Cool” complexions look best in primary colours like red, yellow and blue. Summer-dresses in sky blue, bright white and any colour that is clear and sharp are extremely flattering for “cool” people in warmer weather. For those lucky “cool” people who are not adverse to the sun, then they can also wear softer colours, such as copper, peach and variants of brown. Lush reds and bright green also fit.

As women begin to shed their winter baggage and step into the light, it is crucial that you select clothes that compliment your complexion. Regardless of your skin tone, there is a kaleidoscope of colours out there that can help brighten up your face and mood and let your natural beauty shine.

However, despite all the dos and don’ts concerning what to wear over the summer, the most important thing is to choose colours that fit your personality and the occasion. Summer is a great time to experiment with different looks and offers women all over the country the opportunity to escape from their dismal winter cocoon of pavement-hugging trousers and frumpy jumpers. So, be bold, be adventurous and enjoy the sun…it won’t be here for long.