Anyone who has owned a cat knows it’s more like the other way around. These regal creatures require very little attention unless it comes on their terms, but they do expect some pampering. This is where cat beds can really come in handy to not only spoil kitty, but also give her a place to call her own.

A cat bed is more than just a pampering device, too. are ideal for helping give cats their own boundaries while also assisting in containing hair in specific locations in a house. Non-cat owners might not realize how much hair an average cat can actually leave behind – even a short-haired one! Cat bed designs are also fantastic for helping give a cat its own place to scratch, which is always a good idea.

Cat beds don’t have to look out of place in any home either. Thanks to unique cat beds and luxury cat beds furniture items, there are lots of choices to fit just about any décor. There are even heated cat bed creations to help cats that require a little extra comfort get their sleep in style.

Many people who choose to buy cat beds also enjoy offering their pets extra items to make their own spots feel special. To this end, there are bed cat toy items that can be found with beds, cat dog pet supplies. There are even organic cat beds created specifically for cats that have allergies to synthetics.

While most cat beds tend to resemble small-scale dog beds, that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are all kinds of options strictly for cats. These include specially designed cat igloo beds, discount fleece cat beds and even heated cat beds with extra cushioning for a truly regal sleeping space.

Some cat beds are designed to help with cat bed wetting. By offering a place for kitty to call its own, it’s possible cat bed wetting problems might go away. While it’s not always the case these purchases will stop cat peeing on bed issues, it can lend to a feline’s sense of security and importance in a home.

When cat furniture and beds are desired there are all sorts of places to turn. There are even specific cat bed dealers out there to help make finding the right selection a snap.

They might seem frivolous, but when a cat is a viable part of a family, it makes sense to give it its own place. Cat beds can do this and a whole lot more.