While I have been personally sleeping on innerspring mattress for a very long time I have recently decided to switch to a Tempura Pillows and Mattresses. After I had a look at theicon Tempurpedic mattress I must say that I was definitely impressed with the kind of quality as well as attention to detail that had gone into making this product. Not only was that something that I appreciated in the mattress but I also came to realize that this was the same mattress that was used by NASA to help relieve the pressure on the joints as well as their back and to make sure that no damage was caused due to the extreme G forces that they would be experiencing during takeoff. The best thing about this mattress is that it can conform to the shape of your body without using its own resistance as well as bounce over periods of time. This is something that in a spring mattresses just cannot handle and no matter how much you spend on an innerspring mattress you will come to realize that it begins to sag only after a couple of months of extensive use.

The reason that you want to make sure that the mattress stays in its original shape which is basically uniform is because you don’t want to pressure points to form on the mattress which would later affect the quality of sleep that you have on the mattress itself. While the Tempurpedic mattress happens to be a hybrid mattress thenew Tempurpedic pillow range is completely made out of polyurethane memory foam which means that it is the closest thing that you will get to something that NASA manufactured and has used ever since to make sure that astronauts that they’re spending into space or well rested – after all they spend close to $12 million on training each one of them!