Without much description and lots of adjectives about the city of the UAE, let’s start with the main attractions you will find in Dubai. Don’t forget to visit these places whenever you are coming to Dubai.

You can visit these places when you are going for private city tour operators. However, if you are not travelling with any travel agency, make sure you do not forget about these places.

• Palm Jumeirah: This is a man-made archipelago. It is regarded as one of the planned Palm Islands. Lots of activities are present here for the tourists. Though it is a new addition in the list of Dubai attraction, Palm Jumeirah provides with shopping malls, restaurants, and also the luxury beach resorts. Your tour operators in Abu Dhabi will help you to choose the best places here.

• Jumeirah Mosque: When you are in Dubai, don’t forget to visit this religious place. It is not only important for its religious value, but also as a landmark of this beautiful city. The Islamic culture with its religious value is superbly presented through this work of architecture.

• The aquarium and underwater zoo: Dubai is also famous for the aquarium and the underwater zoo. You can enjoy scuba diving, glass bottom boat ride, and you will find yourself swimming with the sharks, dolphins, and many other fishes of different species. The underwater zoo is the best place to go for a meeting with the lion fishes, piranhas, caiman crocodiles, penguins, otters, spider crabs of giant size, and many other animals. Don’t miss this underwater beauty among the animals.

• Dubai Museum: The Dubai Museum is housed in the beautiful fort of Al Fahidi. This building is an architectural monument and a desert fort. The traditions of Dubai in past will be clearly presented in front of your eyes when you enter this museum.

• Atlantis Palm Jumeirah: This is not just a hotel in Dubai. You will get the facilities here more than the ordinary sense of luxury and extravagance. Get ready for the Aqua venture here with the dolphins, sharks and some other sea creatures.

• Ski Dubai is a must visit: You may know that Dubai is the very first traveling destination, which built up the indoor ski resorts, Ski Dubai. An awesome setting of wintry weather is found here with sixty thousand tons of ice. Therefore this is a place to be visited with more importance.

• The ice skating rink: Dubai is famous for the ice skating rinks. You will have unlimited enjoyments here on the giant sized ice skating rink.

• The Ferrari world: This is another place, worthy to watch and pay a visit. The ultimate fun you will have here in this biggest theme park at Abu Dhabi. Go for this adventurous place when you are in Dubai.